strcpy traps me

Be aware of strcpy function has requirement for different char *, which is strcpy(char *, const char *). If you do something like strcpy(p,p+1) is dangerous, why not just use p++. Otherwise, some of compiler will have the issue shown at this link .


see from outside of compiler

Compiler is always fun when it accompanies with computer architecture. The research on programming system (& language) is what I want to do besides CAD/EDA and mathematics. Not sure it is related to my A+ score in programming language course in graduate school (sorry for the self-obsession :b).

The course I find more focus on implementation is CMU version taught by Prof. Todd C. Mowry

at computer science dept. The course repo is at

The LLVM  is used in the course, which is very handy and important to play around with compiler.

The last page of

shows the references such as writing pass.

For research related stuff, check this